The Free Spirited Mane Masterclass

The Free Spirited Mane Masterclass


The Free Spirited Mane Masterclass is a full-emersion, all-access program that will allow you to cultivate and create the extension business you want and desire from the inside out.


There is so much more to this course than just learning the The Free Spirited Mane Method™. In this course, I will walk you through the challenges and provide you with practical tools to be the hairstylist, creator and leader you are called to be.


The course includes six modules, each including full-length videos, printable worksheets, one monthly group coaching call and a mind-set course that will challenge you to take your business skills and life to the next level. The modules focus on the initial consultation, creating the track, sewing, coloring and cutting techniques, in addition to finding your authentic voice and overcoming your fears on social media and in life.


By signing up for The Free Spirited Mane Masterclass you are recognizing that you want more for your business, hair techniques and life. 

      • You can expect to finish this course ready to take on clients with full confidence in administering The Free Spirited Mane Method™. This course is for the stylist who wants to feel like they're sitting right next to me and talking about not only The Free Spirited Mane Method™, but your heart and your business. I'm talking about building you up from the inside! I'm talking about those of you who can’t wait to grow their business and change your life overnight.

      I’ll be dropping in from time to time to update you on exclusive products, strategies, and events created with our stylists in mind. Be sure to sign up to stay up to date on all of your benefits as a part of the The Free Spirited Mane Method™.