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The Mane
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the Mane method

A Method That Consistently Delivers a Fast, damage free and an incredibly comfortable application.

The Mane Method was specifically created to overcome 3 major pain points in other methods available today.

1. Fast application - Time is money and with The Mane Method™  you can install 1 row in as little as 15-20 minutes.

2. Comfortable wear - Because of the way our track is installed you can customize the tension per section of the head without ever needing to worry about it sagging or coming apart.

3. No clients damage - Gone are the days you need a string to bridge the gap from bead to bead creating excess tension on your clients scalp. The Mane Method™ only uses your clients hair to make a complete track. This makes for a 100% secure track. Perfect for all hair types.

Learn all of this through our innovative online Masterclass. You get a front row to seat to learn at your own pace. You can Pause, rewind and repeat as many times as you would like and the course is yours FOREVER!

the hair

Created to give a relaxed luxury experience, our Laid in Luxe Dé Luxe Collection gives you the most organic colors that make you feel like you can take the beach with you where ever you go.


Our collection was uniquely curated with YOU - the Stylist in mind.  Our lived in color blends are so dimensional and seamless that most of the work and time that you would normally put in to customize you extensions is already done for you.  All you may want to do is add your finishing touches which can all be done at the bowl!

Our wefts give you 2 color options depending on what side of the weft you choose. Each color in our Dé Luxe collection has a natural root with a backlight of delicate baby-lights.


This line was inspired by those highlighted kisses we get when we spend time with the sun.

When we say our hair is different, we mean it. With every purchase, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Click below to learn more about Laid in Luxe.


our story

After certifying more than 300 stylists across the country, owner and master stylist Latisha Parker came to an abrupt realization that she wanted to give more. More education, more tips, more tricks and more love for the industry she has poured her heart and soul into for the last 18 years. And so, The Mane Method Masterclass™ was born. This course is a full-immersion, all-access program designed to not only teach our stylists The Mane Method™, but to help you overcome your fears, transform your business and build your brand. 

The Mane Method Masterclass™ allows our students to pause, rewind and repeat — all from the comfort of their own home — and ensures each student finishes this course a true master of The Mane Method™.

The Masterclass will dive deep into the art of hand-tied extensions, how to find your why, and how to overcome the fears that hold you back from being your most authentic and creative self. 

New Arrivals



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laid in 
best for fine hair

"THIS IS THE Best method ever! Especially for fine hair! Thank you for your creative mind!"

works better

"a few salons in my town have stylists come here because this method works better THAN WHAT THEY OFFER! You, my friend, are amazing! Thank you again so much for the mane method. I'm still obsessed."

enjoy learning

"I freaking love you! OMG I'm already enjoying this so much. you explain everything so nicely. watching you as we speak!"

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