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The Mane Method™ Masterclass

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The Mane Method™ online education experience is designed to creatively inspire and artistically educate each and every one of our students enrolled in The Mane Method Masterclass. This is a full-immersion, all-access course designed to not only teach our stylists The Mane Method™ Hair Extension Installation Process, but to help you overcome your fears, transform your business and build your brand.  
 The Mane Masterclass allows our students to pause, rewind and repeat—all from the comfort of their own home—and ensures each student finishes this course a true master of The Mane Method™. 
 The Masterclass will dive deep into the art of hand-tied extensions, how to find your why, and how to overcome the fears that hold you back from being your most authentic and creative self.  
 You can expect to finish this course ready to take on clients with full confidence in administering The Mane Method Hair Extension Installation Process.





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